The driving force behind Seaweed is our passion for enhancing natural material through beautiful design and exceptional craftsmanship. From fitted kitchens to a humble key hook the same care and attention is applied to appropriate materials and quality of make.


Seaweed strives to achieve environmental best practice in every area of our work. Timber is naturally sustainable and inherently green. However, it is a precious resource that deserves the ultimate respect and care. Seaweed’s policy is to support independently certified timber from managed forests. We are committed to eliminate non-recyclable packaging and other unsustainable materials wherever possible.


Seaweed is used to working with multiple traders and finding the best solution to achieve the perfect outcome. Taking time to work out as many different approaches as possible to help us adapt to any situation with a can-do attitude.


We pride ourselves in working with the natural beauty of wood, not against it. Wood is inherently tactile it just draws you in. That moment when you unconsciously run your hand along a piece of furniture or get lost looking at the intensity of the grain.


Our passion is to realise your expectations and build on them. We create custom projects for private clients, interior designers and architects striving to exceeds expectations as well as meeting budgets.

Ethos and Vision

To earn a living for products we are proud and passionate about. To achieve this, our mission is to give an excellent level of customer service and satisfaction by providing quality products with a high level of service. To craft furniture that will last a lifetime and on to future generations.


It starts with listening to our client and understanding their ideas of how the piece will interact with their life. From big to small, We strive to create stunning and beautiful items that complement and enhance the area around them. We work in a vast array of materials and techniques to bring these visions to life.